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Taif ziyarat - Miqat Al Sail Al Kabir

1. Abdullah ibn Abbas Mosque

Abdullah ibn Abbas Masjid in Taif. His good friend Abdullah bin Abbas was teaching religion in the Levant, Medina and Taif. Near Bath Cemetery. Abdullah ibn Abbas Ra was a great commentator and jurist. He is also the relative and uncle of our Prophet (SAW). In his youth, he grew up next to the Prophet Muhammad and was busy with many household chores, such as fetching water for washing. He would pray next to the Prophet, attend his gatherings, pilgrimages and competitions. The Abdullah ibn Abbas Mosque in Taif is a must-see Ziarat Mosque. To the east of the mosque is the Martyrs' Tomb.

2. Addas Mosque

The Adam Mosque was built on the site of this event. A cool and pleasant place surrounded by lush green vegetation. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was praying for the benefit of the people of Taif even though they were against him. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) was praying for the benefit of the people of Taif even though they were against him. This, when Allah says, "Indeed, you are an honorable person," shows the greatest mercy, comfort and forgiveness of Allah's Beloved (SAW). When he met Islam in Taif in , the people did not welcome him and threw stones at him until his feet bled. This was the most difficult period of Rasul Ara's life. When Adam Grepus rested somewhere, he was sent away with a slave. Adam was a Christian from Nineveh (now Iraq), where Allah sent Prophet Yunus (SAW). He was working for a rich family in Mecca who were slaves of Utbe bin Rabia. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) had to return to grief as a result of the physical violence he suffered and his blessed leg hitting a stone. He moved to an orchard owned by Utbah and Shaibah bin Rabeea (both Meccan pagans killed in the Battle of Bedar). They looked at the duties but showed compassion and hired the farmer Adam to give a bunch of grapes to Muhammad (SAW).

3. The Al Hada mountain

Due to its importance to Muslims, Mount Haddar is the main place to visit in Taif. Muslims can see the beauty of Hatta Mountain in Taif. The story of this place is that someone insulted our Prophet by throwing stones. However, God sent two angels to protect him. The angel asked the prophet if he would throw it to the people on the mountain. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) did not accept this idea. Instead, he said, "there will be people who will answer my calls." The Prophet acted decisively and invited people to Islam. Therefore, many of them accepted Islam.

4. The Valley of Banu Saad

Banusa'ad founded a small group in the Great Hevazin tribal confederation. They had a close family relationship with Muhammad. Shaqq e Sadr events are also available here. Muslims often spread rugs to pray and seek blessings. Banusaad Valley is just a short distance from Taif. Our beloved Prophet spent his childhood in Banu Saad Valley. Therefore, this is one of the best places to visit in Ziarat in Taif. It is historically important in many ways.

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5. Al-Kalada Heritage Village

Al-Kalada Heritage Village is located a few kilometers south of Bani Saad. It attracts people with its mysterious charm. Also this old city was the home of Al-Harith ibn Kaladahra in its former glory. He is a very good Arab doctor. Also Hz. He is considered one of the companions of Muhammad. Therefore, it is a very good place for historical Islamic visits in Taif

6. Alkou Mosque

Alkou Mosque is a special place for Muslims. There is a stone in the mosque where the elbow of Prophet Muhammad is. The Prophet said: "After entering Taif and standing next to it or near it, its name comes 'Al-Koua'. Pilgrims consider this place as a holy place worth visiting in Taif.

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